S. Venkatram

Dedicated to S. Venkatram - A True socialist, philosopher, writer and a complete human being.

political career

  • Influenced by the philosophies of Marx, Trotsky and Lohia.
  • Ward Secretary, Congress Socialist Party, Bombay, 1945
  • Secretary, Congress Socialist Party, Bombay, 1947-1951
  • Member, Bangalore City Corporation, 1960-1964
  • Served in various capacities of Socialist Party, Mysore state 1955-1971
  • All India Joint Secretary, Socialist Party 1968-1971
  • Secretary, Central Parliamentary Board, 1974-1977
  • Also served as Chairman, Central Commission of the party.
  • Imprisoned several times including an illegal imprisonment in 1967 for organizing NGO's strike and for 14 months during the emergency [1975-1977]
  • General Secretary of the Unified Janata Party, Karnataka 1977-1979
  • Elected MLC, Karnataka Legislative Council,1978
  • Well read, astute and articulate he was a key strategist for the SSP and later for the Janata Party at Karnataka and All India. He contributed to various election successes and was one of the main brains behind formulating election manifestos.
  • Played significant role in various political movements in the state and the country including The Kagodu Sathyagraha, Gokak Chaluvali and 1967 elections bringing a non congress government in several states, for the first time.