S. Venkatram

Dedicated to S. Venkatram - A True socialist, philosopher, writer and a complete human being.

Veteran Socialist and Labour Leader S Venkatram left us twenty six years ago. In the post independence period, Venkatram was one of those who relentlessly fought for the formation of a socialistic society through the political and trade union movement of the country. Recognizing this, several initiatives were taken to record his immense contribution to our society and propagate his ideas through various means. To many of his admirers and followers, such initiatives even though well intended, yielded nothing concrete.

I lost my father Venkatram, when I was barely out of college. His death was untimely, extremely traumatic and came with a multitude of problems upsetting the rhythm of my life, even before it began. 'Death is mysterious' wrote Venkatram to a friend, a few weeks before his own death. It remains as mysterious as ever and continues to baffle mankind. Twenty six years later, the pain of losing him is still there, just as the void caused by his death. The memories are fresh and the eyes are still wet, in his thoughts. Thankfully, his spirit is alive and kicking, even as his words of wisdom are buzzing inside. He remains my philosopher and guide, for ever.

This website is created in reverence to Venkatram, a true socialist, philosopher, writer and a complete human being. The attempt is to make this as comprehensive as possible. If you have any additional material about Venkatram such as articles, photographs, letters, newspaper clippings etc, please forward the same for incorporating in the site.

– V Pradeep Kumar